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About Clip&Zip

Clip&Zip's company philosophy.

Clip&Zip is developing the "repair yourself" concept:

In today's society, there is an ever-increasing tendency for products to be used only once, which encourages us to consume more and more. Products are manufactured with this in mind and therefore have a limited lifespan.

If a product is worn out, we are often faced with just three solutions: 1) throw it in the bin 2) have it repaired 3) repair it yourself.

  1.     Throwing products in the bin and buying new ones is the most common solution because they are of lower quality.
  2.     Repair when you can't: this can sometimes be more expensive than the original product.
  3.     Do it yourself: ah! that's scary! But that's what Clip&Zip is all about. Clip&Zip can help you "fix it yourself" or "fix it your self" FIY.

Clip&Zip offers you products that will give a new lease of life to all your everyday textile and leather objects. Most of our products are either made in France, e.g. the "Alta cuir" leather and textile repair and care product, or have won awards in the most prestigious competitions, such as the "Concours Lépine" for the "Zlideon" slider or the "Queen's Awards" for the Masta Plasta leather and imitation leather repair patches.

What makes the difference in repairs :

What makes us special is that we offer you professional repair products and innovations with tutorials (videos, steps, images, etc.), enabling you to carry out repairs or maintenance at home. There's no magic, just steps to follow to get the result you want. Our advisers are here to help you:

  1. Helping you choose the right product
  2. Supporting you and helping you to use it
  3. Receive and follow up your claims.

All our products are tested and selected before being put on our site. The aim of all our repairs is to extend the life of your clothes and furniture, but also to keep objects of sentimental value in good condition.

The Clip&Zip team wishes you a happy repair!