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Frequently Asked Questions - Clip&Zip

Clip Zip sliders

« If I unclip the Clip Zip slider, will it no longer work? »

Of course you can - that's the idea behind our sliders, which clip on and off as you like. If you put your slider on a coat, and then throw the coat away, you can unclip the slider and put it back on another item of clothing, bag or purse.

« I have a zip that's 1.5m long. Do you have any suitable sliders for this type of zip? »

It doesn't matter how long your zip is, what counts is the width of the teeth when they are interlocked. Your zip may be 3 metres long, but we'll still be able to repair it!

« I ordered a plastic zip slider, why do I get a metal Clip Zip slider? »

All our sliders are made of cast zinc. When we say "slider for plastic zips", we mean a slider that matches the material of the teeth of your zip, in this case our metal slider is suitable for zips with plastic teeth.

« How do you measure the width of the engaged teeth if you can't close the zip? »

  1. If you still have the old slider, measure the width on the inside, where the teeth pass through and close.
  2. Download and print our new small reference card, which includes actual sizes and guides you to the right reference → How to choose the right slider?
  3. (In the extreme case) Measure the width of a tooth and multiply by 2, losing one or two millimetres as they will interlock.

« My Clip Zip slider doesn't work »

ATTENTION, several answers are possible!

  1. You may have chosen the wrong reference for your type of slider. Please contact us so that we can help you, or simply make an exchange.
  2. Beware of sites that sell non-CLIP ZIP sliders, as they are copies. Please note that the Clip Zip© brand is patented in Europe and its production is based in Sweden. We are also proud to have won 2 Lépine competition awards.

« The cursor keeps coming off »

Comme indiqué dans la réponse précédente, il se peut que le curseur ne soit pas de la bonne référence (taille) pour votre fermeture. Pour cela n'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour que nous puissions vous aider ou faites tout simplement un échange.
Mais si le curseur est bien de la bonne taille, il peut être alors défectueux (ce qui est rare). Pour cela si il n'a pas été abîmé par vous même, il peut être remplacé. Contactez nous pour procéder à l'échange.

Sleeve housings

How do I find the right size sleeve for my zip? ?

It's the same principle as the sliders. You need to measure the width of the teeth when they are locked together. You can look behind the slider on your zip, if there isn't a number that can help you. The slider and the sleeve must be the same size.

 Sleeve housing

Size 3-4

Size 5

Size 8

Size 10

Teeth width


4,12 to 5,25 mm

5,70 to 6,57 mm

7,10 to 7,90 mm

8,60 to 10,50 mm

Teeth type

                                        ALL TYPES


Tips: if it says 7 behind your cursor, this corresponds to size 5 on our site.

How do I fit my sleeve housing?

CAUTION. Do not tighten with a pair of pliers. The case and sleeve must be crimped. You can put some glue on the fabric where you are going to place the 2 parts to make sure they are secure.
The case and sleeve must be at the same height to ensure that the teeth engage properly and are not out of alignment. You need to change the housing AND the sleeve, not just one part of each. They work together.

Should I put the housing on the left or the right?

You choose. There is no set order. Placement depends on the manufacturer or the men's and women's clothing.
If you're more comfortable with a case on the left, put it on the left.

My zip has 2 sliders. Can I transform it and put just one slider?

That's a big yes! If your zip is double, it will have 2 sleeves and 2 sliders. You can transform it and keep just one slider with a box and sleeve kit.
All you have to do is fit the housing and the sleeve in place of the 2 sleeves. And that's it!


When can I use Masta Plasta?

You can use Masta Plasta on all your leathers, whether they are worn, scratched or even have holes in them!

How is Masta Plasta made?

Masta Plasta is made from water and recycled products, as is its packaging, which is why the brand has won awards for its eco-friendly manufacturing process and products.

How do I clean my leather with Masta Plasta on it?

You can clean it with a damp cloth or with the products you normally use to clean your leather.