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Accessories for zip

The end of my zip ripped off

What do you do when the sleeve of your zip - the bottom part of your slider - is detached and prevents the pull tab from engaging? This is a problem that arises over the course of using your zip, and leads us to throw it away or unstitch and re-stitch a zip. The bottom part wears out and becomes loose, which means that you can no longer properly engage this part of the fastener in the case and you can no longer close your zip.
This part can be repaired without sewing! Easy, do-it-yourself, discover our "case and sleeve" kit so you don't have to dismantle your fastener and sew it up again.
Quick and easy, repair your closure case and sleeve yourself. Simply thread, crimp and you're done!
Easily replace your lock's end caps with our cases and sleeves. They're compatible with all your fasteners, whether metal, plastic or coiled nylon.

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€7.90 (tax incl.)
The Gel Clean&Care for the maintenance of your zips. Transparent, it won't stain, and its fine tip means you can apply it without spillage. It fits all zips: metal, plastic, nylon and invisible, regardless of...
€1.50 (tax incl.)
Set of 2 top stops for zippers that no longer have a stop or for repairs. These small pieces are installed using flat pliers and prevent the slider from coming out of the zip once it has reached the top. One size...
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