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Clip Zip slider for zip repairs

Repairing your zip without sewing

It often happens that a zip can no longer close, or that it gets stuck and you can no longer use your favourite coat. So you throw it away, or have it repaired for the price you paid for it.
Here's the slider that's going to save your life - a clip-on slider that doesn't require you to remove your zip!
Repair your zips yourself in 30 seconds with Clip Zip replacement sliders.
All you have to do is open the Clip Zip slider, clip it onto your zip and that's it!
This invention will enable you to repair your zip quickly and cheaply yourself.
It can be washed, dried and left outside.
Made from cast zinc, the slider can also be used on your clothing or marine materials.

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€7.90 (tax incl.)
The Gel Clean&Care for the maintenance of your zips. Transparent, it won't stain, and its fine tip means you can apply it without spillage. It fits all zips: metal, plastic, nylon and invisible, regardless of...
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