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Clip Zip slider repair packs

Fixing a broken zip

No matter where we go, we don't like to be caught unprepared! It's like a zip going haywire on a walk, or the zipper on your jacket breaking when you're in a hurry.
That's why we've decided to create "survival kits" for zip repairs. No jacket or zip will ever betray you again.
The kits are composed by theme, and contain the most common replacement clip-on sliders in these same themes. Look carefully at the composition of the kit to be sure of your choice.
Whether you're on a camping weekend, a boat trip or a business trip, clip-on replacement sliders are an essential tool for quick repairs. In 30 seconds you can repair the worn fastener, without sewing.
Videos explaining how to fit the sliders are available, as well as a FAQ or contact page for any information you may need.

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€7.90 (tax incl.)
The Gel Clean&Care for the maintenance of your zips. Transparent, it won't stain, and its fine tip means you can apply it without spillage. It fits all zips: metal, plastic, nylon and invisible, regardless of...
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